Hola Bonjour Hello

by Zol

When I first started this blog in 2013, we were a family that consisted of a mother, a father, a beloved daughter called Kiara, and a hairy-mustached cat called Zeus!

In February (2015), our son; Matthew, arrived and so much light, love and happiness arrived along with him.

I walk with faith and gratitude in my life and I love to transmit all the spontaneous joy for my kids for that is what characterizes us as Latinos. This is exactly why there is never a time when we do not have music, games, laughter, and the joy of living in our house.

The bases of our home are Love, respect, conviction, patience, so much creativity, and freedom; the freedom to think, act, say what one feels, make mistakes, and grow.

As a woman and as a mother I try to give my family my best and I have to confess that our learning process is mutual for everyday I learn from my children as much as I teach them, and with them, I am happy, and I’m enjoying the simplest things in life.

I love to be a mother and a wife …

My husband and my children are my strength and my inspiration ..

Our house is in Paris, however, our home is what we take with us wherever we go for we are a family with a suitcase always in hand. We love to travel, discover the world, and be impressed by its beauty.

I have been very fortunate to be able to travel from a really young age. Every person, country, and culture that I have crossed in the most wonderful journey aka life has touched me in a unique, special, and positive way. Having a more cosmopolitan vision of the world we live in, having a more open mind, culturally enriching ourselves, becoming more tolerant and respectful to people, is what we get out of traveling and for that, my great desire as a mother is for my children to discover with their eyes and their soul, that the world is a wonderful place that is full of beauty, magic, charm and to be able to find out that the base of this life and what enriches us as human beings is respecting and being respected.

Motherhood has not only been a wonderful gift, but it is also the greatest project of my life. I think the only way we can stop wars, hunger, and hate is through planting seeds of love and respect in the hearts of our children.

I am the really positive and dreamy kind of person who believes the world has a chance to be a better place and that idea fills my heart with happiness. I love to be the way that I am, but I am aware that I too must contribute my bit and I think that my greatest contribution is done to my family.

I would also like to confess that I am guilty!

Yes, I am guilty of loving my children, my husband, and my family too much. I am guilty of telling all of them a thousand times that I love them, guilty of covering them with kisses, hugging them every day, and telling them how much they all matter to me.

I am guilty of showing the magic that hides behind an “I love you”, a smile, a please, and a “Thank You”.

I have only one desire and it is to see my children growing up happy, confident and enthusiastic about life. Nobody grants me this success but i will give of my own so that in the future they will be consummated adults with their own success

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