About Me

by Zol Larice

IMG 3972When I started this blog in 2013, we were a family of three: mom, dad, our adored daughter Kiara and our cat Zeus.

In February (2015) came our son Matthew who brought even more light, love and happiness into our home.

I’m a person that  walk with faith and gratitude in life, I love to convey and spread to my children that spontaneous joy that characterises us Latinos. This is  why at home there is always music in the air. It is a home where there is laughter and fun, love and joy, patience and understanding.

The foundations in our home are:  Love, respect, conviction, patience, there’s a lot of creativity and freedom.  Particularly freedom of speech, freedom to be ourselves, to think, to do things our way, to make mistakes and to learn from them.  

As a woman and mother, I try to give them the best of me, but I have to confess that every day,  I feel is me the one that is learning  from my children. With them I started to remembering how to enjoy the simples things in life. 

I really love being a wife and mother …

My husband and children are my  fortress, my strength, and my inspiration. . .

IMG 3990

We live in Paris but home is wherever we are as  we are a family that loves to travel.

I have been fortunate to be able to travel from a very young age and every person, country, culture I have crossed on this wonderful journey that is called life. Has left a unique, special an indelible mark in my soul and a deep one in my heart. Just a positive experience that has allowed me to grow more as a person.

IMG 3998I only have one wish: To see my kids growing up being happy, confident and enthusiastic about life. No one guarantees success about this but I will give everything off myself to this cause. 

Having a cosmopolitan view of the world in which we live, having an open mind, enriching ourselves culturally, make us more tolerant and respectful people. This is what I  have achieved in my life by traveling.

What I wish the most as a mom is that my kids have the chance to discover that the world is a beautiful place, that life keeps simple if we decide, and that magic will be there if they are ready to see it and feel it.

Motherhood has not only been a wonderful gift, but it is also my greatest life project. I think the only way to make wars, hunger, and hatred disappear from the earth; It is by placing millions of seeds full of love and respect every day in the hearts of our children.

I Know sounds like a fairy tale but… We don’t need to keep sharing the negative things in life. What we need to do is to bring positive to our world, spread the love and learn that this planet can be a wonderful place, that we can have a wonderful life experience if we learn how to love ourselves, how to respect others and how to understand that each person might think, feel and see things different from you but it doesn’t mean that they are wrong or wright. We just need to free ourselves and accept that every person is doing their best with what they have and you thinking different from them doesn’t mean they are wrong.

People please, let’s put that seed in our kid’s heart.

As you see, I’m a very positive person and I’m a woman with dreams, big dreams from me and everyone else. Yes, I do believe that the world can be a better place and this idea brings me happiness.

I feel that I’m a good person but I am aware that this is all about a self-journey, life lessons and committing for personal evolution as a continuous process. I’m following a journey of evolution and to make my contribution there too; I have to show them the value of giving and Service to others.

I am guilty of showing them, the magic behind the words ‘I love you‘, ‘ Thank You ‘ , Please’ and the magic behind of a smile.

Thank you for reading me today and welcome to my world.


firma Zol