Best things to do in New York City with kids.

by Zol Larice
what to see in New york

Traveling to New York is always a good idea, regardless of the time of the year. Today we are sharing our top list of things to do in NYC with your kids and family.

Although, without any doubt, there are thousands of things to do in NYC with kids. We often go to NYC, and I can say now that we have visited almost all NYC tourist attractions by now this blog post is to share with you a list of what my kids enjoyed the most during our last time in the city and that we think you kids will enjoy it too.

Here we start with a list of Kid-friendly adventures in NYC

1. Visit the zoo in Central Park, NYC

What animals are in the Central Park zoo

At the entrance and in the center of the Zoo, you will find the California sea lions, which are very used to being the center of attention.

In addition to sea lions, there are 2 polar bears, red pandas, monkeys, leopards, Antarctic penguins, seals, and some birds. Going to this zoo made me think of one of my children’s favorite movies: Madagascar.

Definitely, a must-do with your kids, because visiting this Zoo is so much fun. You don’t need to carry snacks for your kids since there are restaurants, cafés, and shopping stores inside and outside the zoo.

Where to buy the entrance tickets to the Central Park Zoo in New York?

It is best to buy tickets online from their official website: Central Park Zoo Since they avoid queuing, just show the tickets on your mobile to pass.

Central Park Zoo tickets price

  • Children under two years = FREE
  • Children 3-12 years = $ 13
  • Adults = $ 18
  • Adults +65 years = $ 15

As I said before, if you are visiting New York with children, this is one of the mandatory stops! Don’t get nervous; you won’t stay all day at the Zoo, the tour takes about 2hrs.

2. Central Park walks tours with kids

Central Park is gigantic. If you decide to start your day with a visit to the zoo, you could do more than see the animals there.

Things you can do with your kids in Central Park, NYC:

  • Central Park walking tours
  • Central Park – Horse carriage rides
  • Renting bikes in Central Park!
  • Central Park rickshaw tours.
New york, things to do with kids

3. Ice Skating Rinks in NYC for Kids and Families.

Best Ice Skating Rinks in NYC for families.

Here I share the three most famous ice skating rinks in New York. These skating rinks open their doors in October and close between March and April.

How much is ice skating in NYC?

a) Bryant Park skating rink

It is a public park between the 5th and 6th Avenues and between the 40th and 42nd streets in Midtown. New York, and its really nice and good experience to share with your kids.

rockefeller center new york - for kids

This is where we decided to embark on the ice skating adventure in the heart of Manhattan.

Entrance fees are free if you have your skates, but in case you don’t, you will have to pay skate rental.

Skates Rental Price: $20 per person for as long as you want.

b) Rockefeller Center ice skating rink

5th Avenue between 49th and 50th streets, through Channel Gardens, on the Rockefeller track. You have to pay for the entrance and the skate rental if you don’t have your own.

Adults: from $25 to $32 per session
Children over the age of 11: $15 per session
skate rental is $12

c) Central Park ice skating rink

The skating rink is located on the 62nd with 5th avenue, on the east side of Central Park.

The entrance fee is $12 on Monday- Thursday and $19 on weekends and holidays.

The price includes the rental of skates and you can skate as long as you want.

2. A walk across the Brooklyn Bridge

things to do with kids in new york city

Crossing the Brooklyn Bridge on foot is very nice. I was trying to figure out our starting point, whether from Manhattan to Brooklyn or the other way around.

I wanted our walk to be in the afternoon, so we could as well enjoy the sunset.

Also, I was careful picking up a day that had a reasonable temperature because we were visiting NY in March second week, which is cold in NY, and I wanted that the walk was pleasant for us.

What is the best way to walk the Brooklyn Bridge?

For us, the best way was to start the walk from Brooklyn, and the best way to access the Brooklyn entrance was taking a walk from Brooklyn Bridge / City Hall subway stop (Subway lines 4,5 and 6) to the Brooklyn Bridge – You can also take J or Z trains to Chambers St. stop.

As I said, we started the walk from John Street Park; you can use this Google map for the location and starting point.

Don’t worry; you won’t get lost. Cross the Brooklyn Bridge is something thousands of tourists do all the time during the year so follow the crowd.

Don’t forget to take a moment just to enjoy the incredible view of Manhattan.

Brooklyn is an area full of Italian restaurants: Pizza, pasta, and salads in the Mediterranean style. Which is perfect for enjoying homemade Italian food.

Brooklyn NYC - what to visit in New York with kids

Our walk from Brooklyn to Manhattan took almost 2hrs because we stopped so many times to take pictures and, of course, to enjoy the wonderful sunset and the view but to be clear, crossing the bridge is only 25 minute’s walk.


If you decide to take this walk in winter or spring, I recommend wearing the proper clothing to stay warm and safe. Remember, NY; it’s freezing during this time.

5. Visit the Statue of Liberty in NYC

If you go to New York, this is a must-do! You cannot leave NY without visiting The Most Famous Lady.

We took a tour around Ellis Island because, unfortunately, this trip was organized at the last minute, and most tickets to visit the island was sold out.

If you plan to visit the island and be close to the Statue of Liberty, I suggest you book your tickets in advance. There are many online options for this.

The tour around Ellis Island takes at least 1 hour, and it was a lovely tour that I recommend doing, and we are really looking forward to going back and visiting Ellis Island as well.


How to get to The Statue of Liberty by subway?

You can’t get to the Statue of Liberty by subway, but you will arrive at the port where the ferries leave for the island. Check the map below

6. Visit Times Squares with kids

I love times Square, and it doesn’t matter how many times you have visited it; It will always amaze you. So, it’s fascinating to see how kids stand in awe at the lights and details well.

As I said, Time Squares leaves you quite astonished, and it feels like we are all a part of a big party. You can’t miss it! Go and have fun 🙂

Recommendation for the kids to visit the Disney store located next to 5th Avenue.

ATTENTION: Time Squares incredible but also is a very crowded place, thousands of people come and go in all directions. So, Do not take your eyes off of your kids!

Tips for a walk in New York with kids

Traveling and doing things with kids is very different from when you are alone. I decided to create a list for you, of things that should not be missing in your bag when going on a tourist walk with kids.

  1. Carry the child’s document to a phone number to call in an emergency.
  2.  Take an extra outfit for the children with you.
  3. Take Snacks in your bag: children do not understand that they’re visiting a museum and should wait until the end of the tour. When they feel hungry, their hungry, so providing snacks is a good idea.
  4. Take a bottle of water with you.
  5. Carry with you an antibacterial gel: Children and adults must use it. Germs are everywhere.
  6. Sunblock, Even if it is a cloudy day, we must use sunblock protection.
  7. Moisturizer cream to avoid a winter rash 

Brief recapitulation: Things to do in NYC with kids.

What to do with kids in NYC

1. visit the Zoo in Central Park
2. Take a Central Park walking tour
3. Horse carriage ride in Central Park
4. Bike ride in Central Park
5. Rickshaw tour in Central Park
6. Fun ice skating
7. A walk across the Brooklyn Bridge
8. Visit The Statue of Liberty
9. Visit Times Square
10. Go to The American Museum of Natural History

Now, Sharing my last photo from NYC with you to say goodbye for now because we will be back soon with more tips.

what to do with kids in new york NYC

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