Family weekend in France – the Bay of Somme.

by Zol Larice
Bay of Somme france

We have decided to organize some weekends and do Tourism in FRANCE and discover the wonderful country we live in, All this to visit, discover, rest… but above all, that our children absorb their culture in all its forms.

In this article, I will tell you about our long weekend in the Bay of Somme (Baie de Somme in French), located in northwest France. We were amazed to see how the panorama can change in all aspects, being only 3 hours from Paris.

The “Bahia del Somme” is located in the English Channel in northern France. It is considered one of the most beautiful bays in the world and has great ecological wealth. It is a natural reserve where you can see some seals.

Concerning the weather, it is a region where it rains a lot, and the temperatures could vary so much, so it is recommended to visit during the summer period to enjoy the sea as much as possible.

Where to sleep as a family in the Bay of Somme?

We chose to stay in the village belle de Dune of the Pierre et Vacances chain.

It’s like what we would call a private resort with small colonies, and in each one, there are houses of 1, 2, and 3 Three rooms depending on your need.

They are equipped and have a separate kitchen and bathroom. In front of each house, there is a garden where children can play safely.

Inside the resort, there is a restaurant, swimming pools (the main one is large and divided into two, one closed and that winter season – spring water is hot – the other is outside and has large slides), lake, tennis court, golf, basketball court, mini-golf, and activities that vary depending on the time of year or day.

Most of these activities are at night, and it’s the encounter between the guests, and there can be activities like dancing, singing or something special for the little ones.

baie de sommes 9 1

Also if you want to leave the resort, you can just rent a bicycle ( available for all ages ), and in case you’re accompanied by a baby, you can rent a bike with special baby seats.

The resort also has a special activities club for children where you can leave them during the day and have fun while you and your partner go to activities that inhibit children’s presence.

This is something we will undoubtedly experience next time, and I will tell you.

What activities to do and what to visit in the Bay of the Somme?

1. Visit the old train of the Bahia del Somme.

The train of Bahia del Somme is an old train that runs on steam and through the entire bay. To see the bay we recommend you do the Le Crotoy – Saint Valery Sur Somme part.

The trip lasts an hour or so. f you take the train in the morning, you can discover the city and return in the afternoon.

2. Visit the city of Saint Valery.

Saint Valery is a city that surrounds the Bay of the Somme. It has beautiful streets where one can walk safely with the family.

baie de sommes 1

3. Guided tour to discover the seals

One of the most famous inhabitants of the bay is its seals. They are the seals that live in the farthest south of Europe. What we did was make a guided tour with a specialized agency. The tour is two hours, and one walks on the beach to the place where you can see the seals with binoculars. (That’s why I don’t have seal photos)

You have to know that to protect these seals; you don’t have to get close to them, for their lives can be greatly affected, especially the parent-baby relationship.

It was quite a windy day, but the children liked this ride. It was a good idea to bring sand games for them to have fun while the guide explained the life of the seals 🙂

4. Tour the region on a bicycle

This region is very suitable for bike rides. First, it is quite plain, so you don’t have to make much effort. Many bike paths are also separated from the road so one can ride with children safely.

5. Visit the page of Cayeux Sur Mer and its cabins

The city of Cayeux Sur Mer is famous for its rocky beach and its multi-colored cabins. They can be rented to enjoy the day at the beach.

They can be rented to enjoy the day at the beach.

6. Visit one of the sandy beaches where you can fly a kite with the little ones

We were near the beach of Fort Mahon, a little to the north of the bay. The good thing is that it is a huge sandy beach where children can play for many hours. There are also land sailings out there.

But do not expect very high water temperatures. For a person like me who’s used to the Caribbean heats, it isn’t easy to even put a toe hehe

baie de sommes 16

There are other activities we wanted to do in the bay, but we weren’t given enough time, so it will be postponed till we get back here.

  • Visit the beautiful gardens of valloires
  • Visiting the Maison de la Baie De Somme which explains everything about the Bay
  • Take a boat tour in the Bay of Somme. We didn’t do it because of the age of the children, but it is surely worth it
  • Cross-walking the bay when the tide is low. We also have to wait for the children to grow up.

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