Powerful Biblical Names for Boys and their Meanings

by Zol Larice
Biblical Names for Boys

A Biblical name for your baby? The most important and sometimes challenging task while expecting your baby is choosing a name. Whether or not you have been preparing for this moment in your life for years, picking the perfect name will not be so easy.

Regardless of the situation, choosing a name for your future child is always a great moment, especially when the Bible inspires you.

So let’s look at the top biblical names for boys if you need some inspiration when choosing a name for your child.

Here you will find biblical names that are: unique, popular, modern, and unusual—a list of names from the Bible, both from the New Testament and the Old Testament.

Be on the lookout for this: Top 10 biblical boy names and the most popular ones.

Top 10 Biblical Names for Boys

The Top 10 Biblical Boys Names 2021-2022

There are many great names in the Bible, and we’ve included the top 10. If you’re looking for more ideas, check out our list of Biblical names for boys starting with A.

Biblical male names have long been a source of inspiration for parents from families of all backgrounds. Here are the ten most popular biblical names for boys.

1. Noah

Noah is a Hebrew origin name meaning “consolation” or “rest.” It is quite a common name. Noah is a biblical patriarch; In the Old Testament, God ordered him to gather his family and a couple from each animal species in his ark before the Flood.

2. Elijah

The name Elijah originates in the Bible’s Old Testament and stems from the Hebrew word –Eliyahu, which means “My God is Yahweh.”  Elijah was a prophet of Israel during the Old Testament period. He first appears in 1 Kings

3. Lucas

Luke the Evangelist or St. Luke, from the ancient Greek Λουκᾶς, Loukas (Lucas), which means “bringer of light,” is a figure of whom very little is known, who wrote part of the New Testament. Christian tradition considers him the gospel author with his name and the Acts of the Apostles.

4. Ethan

The name Ethan comes from Hebrew and means “strong,” “robust,” “safe,” or even “impetuous.”

The first Ethan encountered in the Bible is one of Judah’s grandsons, himself Jacob’s son (around 1600 BC). He is mentioned in the first book of Chronicles, chapter 2, verse 6.

5. James

James is a classic, traditional and Biblical name, and it comes from the Hebrew “Ya’aqov.” The latter is inspired by the word ‘aqev, which means “heel.” This name can also be interpreted as “supplanter.”

On July 25, we honor Saint James, one of the twelve apostles. He was beheaded around 42. On May 3, we celebrate Saint James, the first bishop of Jerusalem. He died martyred at approximately the age of 62. James 1

Biblical Names for Boys


6. Daniel

This name means “God is my judge” in Hebrew. It continues to be a popular name among Hispanic Christian families. Daniel is one of the greatest biblical prophets mentioned in the three monotheistic religions. Thrown to the lions, he escapes thanks to his faith.

7. Jacob

Jacob is a common and classic boy name that means “to follow, to be behind” but also “supplanter.” implying someone who seizes, circumvents, or usurps. In the Old Testament, Jacob is one of the patriarchs of the people of Israel. Genesis 32

8. Benjamin

This name comes from the Hebrew word “Binyamin,”: and it means “son of the right hand,” in other words, on the lucky side, on the excellent omen side. It can also mean “son of old age.”

Benjamin was the thirteenth and last son of Jacob and the second and last son of his wife, Rachel. The tribe of Benjamin is one of the twelve tribes of Israel, descended from this son of Jacob.

9. Theodore

The root of the name Theodore is Greek. It comes from “theos” and means “gift of God.” This name has a solid Christian resonance and has been used by 85 saints, martyrs, and two popes.

10. Mateo

Matthew’s name derives from the ancient form Mattatyahu which can be interpreted as the “gift of God.”
Saint Matthew was one of the 12 apostles and the author of a gospel. He was honored on September 21. Matthew 1

Unique Biblical Boy Names

Unique biblical names for boys are names of Hebrew or Jewish origin. These names have the peculiarity of being very beautiful and traditional within our culture. Still, here you have the opportunity to know some unique names so that you can choose a name for your baby boy with style and creativity.

Unique Biblical Boy Names



He is Jacob’s third son. Its roots come from Hebrew, meaning “United with his family. Luke 3:24, 29


Ashur was the founder of the Assyrian empire and later the empire that would bear his name (Anshur). He would become Ninlil’s husband, and later they would beget Ishar. Genesis 2:14


Hiram is a name with Hebrew origins. It means “My brother is exalted or loves for my brother.” He is mentioned in the Bible as the king of Tyre and will participate, along with his men, in constructing King David’s house. 1Ch 14.1


This name comes originally from Hebrew and means “gift of God.” It is a very popular male name.

Saint Nathan is a prophet in the Old Testament. He was sent as an advisor to King David, who had fallen from grace. Nathan then became his advisor. There are no details about the death of the prophet Nathan. 1 Kings 4:31


This name appears for the first time in the New Testament. Aeneas was invalid and witnessed the miracle when Jesus healed him. Aeneas means “The praised one.” Acts 9:32-33


This unisex name means “delight” in Hebrew. It refers to Eden: the name of the earthly paradise in the Old Testament. It appeared in the 17th century in the United Kingdom. Genesis 2


Isaiah was a prophet of Israel as the Assyrian empire grew. Isaiah 1


Eliel was a King David’s army member and the Chief of the tribe of Manasseh. It is a name with Hebrew roots, and Eliel means “Angel of the Lord.” 1 Chronicle 5:24


Caleb is a name that appears in the Jewish Bible and is described as a man who always held fast to his beliefs. Although the Hebrews did not believe in him, he was able to enter “Canaan”, the so-called promised land of God. Joshua 14


Hiram is a name of Hebrew origin. It means “exalted brother or love for my brother.” He is mentioned in the Bible as the king of Tyre and will participate, along with his men, in the construction of King David’s castle. 2 Samuel 5:11


Jair comes from Hebrew, meaning “he shines or He’s Enlightened” He was a man from Gilead of the Manasseh Tribe, east of the Jordan River, who judged Israel for 22 years after Tola’s death, had governed for 23 years. Numbers 32:41


Asher means “happy” and “blessed.” Asher is the younger of the two sons born to Jacob and Zilpah, Leah’s maidservant, Jacob’s first wife. This name was given to one of the 12 tribes of Israel in biblical times. Genesis 30:13


Abdiel means “servant of God” It is a biblical name that is mentioned only once in the Bible. 1 Chronicles 5:15


Ezra comes from Hebrew and means “helper.” Ezra is the name of an essential figure in the Hebrew Bible. A priest is said to have led 5,000 exiles to Jerusalem In 459 B.C., thus reconstituting the Jewish community. Ezra 1


Joseph comes from the Hebrew yôsephyâh, which means “God will give.” Saint Joseph was Mary of Nazareth’s husband (the Virgin Mary) and Jesus’ loving and caring father in the Bible. Genesis 37

Joseph designates several biblical characters: the son of Jacob and Rachel in the Old Testament and Mary’s husband and father of Jesus in the New Testament.

Modern Biblical Names for Boys

Moder Biblical Names for Boys with meanings



Abel derives from the Hebrew word hevel, which means “Breath, mist,” and would symbolize the weakness of what happens.

This name is often related to the Assyrian term ablu, which means “son.” In the Old Testament, Abel is Adam and Eve’s son. This sheep farmer was murdered by Cain, his brother, jealous of not being allowed by God to make sacrifices. Genesis 4


This name is derived from the Hebrew name Avraham, which means “father of many.”

Abraham is known as the first patriarch of Israel and, more generally, of the Jewish, Christian, and Muslim religions. He is the central figure of the Book of Genesis. He is the one who initiated monotheism. Initially, his name was Abram (exalted father), and he became Abraham, which refers to the idea of fatherhood for several nations. Genesis 22


Aaron is a biblical name of Hebrew origin. This name means “exalted” or “strong.”  in Hebrew. In the Old Testament, Aaron is Moses’ brother. He is a prophet. He plays an important role in the liberation of the Hebrew people, thanks to his intervention with the Pharaoh.

Aaron is known for being fair, righteous, and having a strong will. He hates lies and is never afraid to say things as they are. He is a faithful friend and an affectionate husband.


This name comes from the Hebrew expression “made in the red earth.” It is a very popular biblical male name. It is the name given by God to the first man on Earth in monotheistic religions. In the book of Genesis, God creates Adam in His own image and likeness on the 6th day of Creation.


Evan is a name of Celtic origin with Greek ancestry. In Greek, Evan means “beautiful angel.” It is the version of John’s English name meaning “the Lord is gracious.”.

John the Evangelist is credited with miracles of healing and resurrection. 1 John 1


This biblical name comes from the Hebrew words meaning “strength” and “god.” In the old testament, he announces the birth of Jesus to the Virgin Mary.

Gabriel is charismatic, sensible, and good when listening to others. He values ​​the family very much.


Ilan is a boy’s name. In Hebrew, the name Ilan is related to a term meaning “tree.” It seems to be highly significant in the Jewish culture. Ilan, the tree, is celebrated annually in Israel. This name has not diffused well in the rest of the world and is known in western countries.


In the Bible, Isaac is Abraham’s son and the father of Jacob in Genesis. St Isaac is honored on December 20. Isaac’s name is prevalent among the Jews. The name Isaac was also adopted by the Christians of the first centuries and Muslims. Genesis 27


John means in Hebrew, “graced by God. “ John is one of the first disciples of Jesus. He is one of the twelve apostles and the author of the fourth Gospel. Saint John the Evangelist is celebrated on December 27. Another John, St. John the Baptist, is celebrated on June 24. On this occasion, people gather around large bonfires, the bonfires of St. John. John is a biblical name par excellence and is very popular.


The ancient name Re’ûbên which gave the name Reuben means “behold, a son.” In the Bible, Ruben is Jacob and Leah’s son and the ancestor of one of the twelve tribes of Israel. 1 Chronicles 5

This Hebrew name found in the biblical narratives in the Old Testament remained exclusively used by Jewish families for a long time. Only at the beginning of the 17th century, when the Anglo-Saxon Puritans reintroduced it, did this name becomes known in other cultures. It was first used by English and Americans and then spread throughout the English-speaking world, where it continues to be used regularly today. Ruben is also quite popular in Holland, where it has been on the top list of male names for a while.


The name Raphael, composed of the Hebrew words Rapha, “to heal,” and el, “God,” means “God has healed.”
Raphael, one of the three archangels, represents the power of healing.

Raphael is an archangel who appears in the books of Tobit and 1 Enoch, which date from the last few centuries before Christ. Saint Raphael is Honored on September 29; he is the saint patron of travelers.


This biblical name comes from the Latin “paulus,” meaning “small.” The name Paul has become particularly popular for Christians thanks to Paul of Tarsus.

He is considered the apostle of the pagans and dedicates his life to being one of the first evangelists of Christianity. His name was Saul, in memory of the first king of Israel. It is in the top 50 of the most attributed names for boys.


This biblical name comes from a Greek word, “Petros,” meaning “stone.” A timeless name that crosses the centuries, with a variable but constant presence. Saint Peter is the first of the 12 apostles. He became one of the two pillars of the Church, along with Paul, and was the first pope.


Solomon comes from the Hebrew word shalom, which means “peace.”

In the Bible, Solomon is described as a prophet and king of Israel and is remembered for his wealth and wisdom. He succeeded his father, King David, the founder of the line of kings of Judah. His mother was Bathsheba. Song of Songs 1


Samson comes from simsôn in Hebrew, which means “the sun.”
Samson and Delilah are two biblical personages. According to the biblical account, Samson is a hero of Herculean strength, a power that he owes to his long hair. Delilah betrays him, puts him to sleep on his hair, and shaves his head, depriving him of this force. She sends for the Philistines, who gouges out his eyes and take him, prisoner. Samson is condemned to turn the millstone of the prison. But he is, above all, an essential figure in the Jewish religion. He was the judge of Israel for twenty years (in the 13th century BC). Judges 16


Seth’s name is a name of Hebrew origin meaning “appointed, placed.”
In the Bible, Seth is Adam’s and Eve’s third son, born after the death of Abel by Cain. According to Genesis, he is the father of Enosh: “the first one who called on Yahweh.” 1 Chronicles 1


The name Simon comes from the Greek word simos, which means “who has a hooked nose,” that is to say, short and flattened. Simon comes from the Hebrew shim’ôn, “who is heard, listen or hearing.”
St. Simon the Canaanite was one of Jesus’ twelve apostles. He was an evangelist in Persia and Egypt and was crucified at 120.


Timothy comes from the name “Timotheos,” which means “honoring God,”. St Timothy lived in the first century and was a close disciple of Saint Paul. He went to evangelize in Asia, Macedonia, and Achaia with him. Throughout the centuries, many orthodox and catholic religions have taken the name of Timothy. This name has been popular since then in Anglo-Saxon countries. 1 Timothy 1


Zechariah’s name comes from the Hebrew name Zekharia which means “Yahweh remembers.” On November 5th, Zechariah, one of the prophets of the 1st century and St. John the Baptist’s father, is honored. Zechariah 1

Biblical boy Names in Spanish

Hundreds of names in the Bible are very meaningful and historical. These names have remained in time and are still popular today also those in Spanish.

Biblical boy names in Spanish


Spanish Biblical Names for boys: Most Common Names.

  • Adriel: Hebrew name of a biblical character meaning “my help is God” or “flock of God.” He is the angel in charge of creating “union, joy, and satisfaction.”
  • Ariel: Its meaning is “the lion of God.” In the Bible, Ariel is one of the names of Jerusalem and is identified with the Temple of Jerusalem (Isaiah 29:1-8).
  • Agustín: St. Augustine says, ” Happiness is God. No one doubts that virtue is the perfection of the soul.” Augustín means “great and magnificent.”
  • Augusto: It is one of the popular biblical names for boys in Spanish. It has a Latin origin; specifically, it comes from the Roman Caesar, which means “great” or “venerable” or “worthy of reverence.”
  • Daniel: Biblical prophet. According to references in the Bible, Daniel was a member of the tribe of Judah. Daniel means, “God is my judge.”
  • Elí: Elí is a biblical character, High Priest and Judge in Israel, belonging to the family of Itamar, Tribe of Levi.
  • Ezequiel: The Book of Ezekiel is the third of the main prophetic books of the Tanakh “Old Testament.”
  • Elías: Jewish prophet. it means “The Lord is my God.”
  • Eliseo: Elisha, whose name means “God is my salvation,” was the successor of Elijah in the prophetic role in Israel “1 Kings 19:16”.
  • Félix: In the first century, a Roman governor named Felix was in charge of the region of Judea. Félix means “happy, “joyful,” or “prosperous.”
  • Gabriel: Gabriel is the archangel who appears in ancient paintings, kneeling in front of the Virgin Mary and offering her a lily. His name means “God is my strength,” “God is my strong man,” or “hero of God.”
  • Isaías: Isaiah was a statesman, advisor to kings, poet, orator, and writer. He is considered one of the greatest Hebrew prophets in the Bible and was called ” The prince of the prophets.”
  • Ismael: According to the Bible, Ishmael was born when Abraham was 86 years old and had spent ten years in the region of Canaan “Gen. 16:1 to 16.”
  • Isaac: Isaac is one of the patriarchs of the people of Israel, the son of Abraham and Sarah. His name means “will make laugh.” Isaac means “one who laughs” or “one who rejoices.”
  • Israel: In the Bible, the beginning of Israel is narrated in Genesis, and three patriarchs are named; Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the last known as Israel and from which the name of the earth was later named.
  • Jaír: Jair of Gilead, of the stock of the Tribe of Manasseh, was a Judge of Israel who judged for twenty-two years. According to the scripture, he was buried in Camon. Jair means “He Enlightens, He Will Diffuse Light.”
  • Jairo: There’s only one man named Jairus in the Bible. At the beginning of the first century, he is described as one of the synagogue’s chiefs of Gerasa in the ancient Decapolis. Jairo means “One Giving Light, He Enlightens.”
  • Jaime: He was the chief spokesman for Jerusalem, and according to tradition, James, the brother of Jesus, is the same one who wrote The Epistle of James.
  • Jeremías: Jeremiah in the Bible is a prophet of Hebrew origin. Author of the Old Testament book that has his name.
  • Jesús: If anyone acknowledges that Jesus is the Son of God, God abides in him, and he in God. 1 John 4:15
  • Joaquín: Jehoiachin, also known as Jeconiah, was the penultimate king of Judah. He governed in the period 598 B.C.E. -597 B.C.
  • Jose: Jose or Joseph, in English, was the 11th son of Jacob’s twelve sons, and his mother was Rachel. The biblical text relates that Rachel was Jacob’s most beloved wife; Joseph also loved him more than his other sons.
  • Joel: Joel was a prophet, significant for us because he prophesied about our time.
  • Juan: Juan, John in English, was the Apostle and was, according to various texts, one of the most remarkable disciples of Jesus of Nazareth.
  • Lucas: Luke was the author of the Gospel of Luke and the book of Acts. In his two books, Luke does not name himself, but Paul mentions him in three epistles.
  • Mateo: Mateo or Matthew is mentioned in the Gospels as Levi, a tax collector and publican whom Jesus saved. When Jesus called him, Matthew immediately left his position where he collected taxes and followed Jesus “Matthew 9:9, Mark 2:14, Luke 5:27-29”.
  • Matías: When St. Peter decided to proceed with the election of a new Apostle to replace Judas, the candidates were Joseph and Matthias. After asking the Holy Spirit for enlightenment, he chooses Matthias. Thus Matthias was associated with the eleven apostles.
  • Moisés: Moses was a great spiritual leader who led the people of Israel to the promised land, Canaan. Even today, Jews still give this biblical hero the title of The Lawgiver of Israel.
  • Nicolás: according to the Bible, one of the seven men appointed by the church of Jerusalem to care for widows.
  • Noé: o Noah was a righteous and honorable man among his contemporaries who lived according to God’s will. According to the Bible, Noah and his family were chosen to warn people of the impending flood.
  • Pablo: The apostle was not always a Christian but was converted. He went from completely rejecting Jesus to fully embracing him and devoting himself to evangelizing.
  • Pedro: Peter declared that Jesus was the Christ and the Son of God “John 6:68-69”, and the Lord chose him to hold the keys of the kingdom on earth “Matthew 16:13-19”.
  • Rubén: Reuben, son of Israel. Firstborn of Jacob’s twelve sons. His mother, Leah, the least beloved of Jacob’s wives, gave him this name because, she said, ‘the Lord had looked upon her misery since then her husband would begin to love her.’
  • Saúl: Saul was the first king of Israel. According to tradition, Saul became king after being anointed by Samuel.
  • Samuel: Samuel acted as the last judge of Israel throughout his life and was the first prophet.
  • Salomón: Solomon was the third and last ruler of the unified biblical kingdom of Israel. Later Jewish and Islamic literature, he stands out as the Wisest among the Wise.
  • Santiago: According to the Bible, James was Zebedee, Salome’s son, and the Apostle John’s older brother. The Gospels refer to him as ‘the Elder’ to differentiate him from the other Apostle Santiago.
  • Simón: Simon the Canaanite, also called Simon, the Zealot, was one of the twelve Apostles of Jesus of Nazareth.
  • Timoteo: Timothy, the author of the two New Testament letters that bear his name, was the son of a Jewish mother and a Greek father.
  • Tobías: The Old Testament book of Tobit (Tobías) is a narrative story that treats family life.
  • Tomás: Thomas was one of the twelve apostles of Jesus.
  • Uriel: St. Uriel, whose name means “God is my Light,” is the fourth in the hierarchy of archangels but the first in front of God.
  • Zacarías: The book of Zechariah is a book of the Old Testament belonging to the canon of the Bible and the Jewish Tanakh, attributed to the prophet Zechariah.

Biblical boy names in French

French Biblical names for boys are a new source of inspiration for finding the perfect name for your little one.

  1. André
  2. Alphée
  3. Adriel
  4. Alexandre
  5. Aser
  6. Asaël
  7. Baraka
  8. Barthélémy
  9. Baruch
  10. Bartimée
  11. Benjamin
  12. Bernabé
  13. Cham
  14. Céphas
  15. Dan
  16. Daniel
  17. David
  18. Emmanuel
  19. Ethan
  20. Esdras
  21. Elie
  22. Eden
  23. Elon
  24. Ézéchiel
  25. Félix
  26. Gad
  27. Gaul
  28. Ismaël
  29. Isaël
  30. Israël
  31. Isaac
  32. Ilan
  33. Hanlon
  34. Jacob
  35. Jason
  36. Japhet
  37. Jacques
  38. Jean
  39. Jérémie
  40. Joseph
  41. Job 
  42. Jonas
  43. Josaphat
  44. Josué 
  45. Jude
  46. Lazare
  47. Lévi 
  48. Luc
  49. Marc
  50. Matthias
  51. Matthieu
  52. Micah
  53. Nathan
  54. Nathanaël
  55. Néhémie
  56. Nicodème
  57. Noé
  58. Nuriel
  59. Paul
  60. Pierre
  61. Philémon
  62. Philippe
  63. Saül
  64. Salomon
  65. Samson
  66. Samuel
  67. Simon
  68. Silas 
  69. Théophile 
  70. Thomas
  71. Timon
  72. Timothée
  73. Zacharie
  74. Zohar

What biblical name means light

Derived from the Greek first name Luke “Leukos,” which means white and bright, Luc, Lucas is also related to the Latin word Lux which means light.

what is a good biblical name for a boy

Recently the name Mateo has been at the peak of its popularity in both Europe and the United States.

Male biblical names by alphabet and meanings


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