Jade Name Meaning, Origin, and Popularity

by Zol Larice
Jade Name Meaning and Origin

Jade is a beautiful female name that originates from the Spanish phrase “piedra de Ijada,” which means “stone of the colic” or “stone of the side.”

Jade is also a precious green gemstone found in the Middle East, so Jade also means “precious” or ” treasured.” The astrological sign associated with it is Aries.

  • Gender: ♀
  • Jade’s feast day: June 29
  • Associated astrological sign: Aries
  • Jade’s color: Green
  • Jade’s Lucky number: 11
  • Jade’s Chakra: heart chakra
  • Jade’s gemstone: Esmeralda
  • Metal: Iron

Please note that you should avoid associating the name Jade with family names beginning with the letters A and D.

What is the meaning of the name Jade?

Jade name meaning

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The name Jade describes a fine gemstone that is green in color due to its composition. It also comes from the Spanish “piedra de la ijada,” which means “stone of colic” This originated from the notion that placing a green jade stone on a baby’s stomach will help them recover from colic.

Jade’s meaning is  “precious stone.”

Origin of the name Jade

The name Jade comes from the mineral universe: the jade stone is a fine green stone whose name comes from the Spanish “piedra de ijad,” which means stone of the side because it is supposed to cure belly ailments. In Arabic, Jad means “excellence, generosity.”

The first girls named Jade in France felt their presence in 1973 when the first nature-inspired names gave rise to Marine and Ondine.

This duo unleashed an oceanic wave that carried Dylan, Morgan, and Océane to glory.

In this context, this precious name, Jade, the mineral, took off in the late 1990s, when it got first place in the top 10 female names in 2014.

Since then, this name has been waging a fierce fight against its rivals Louise and Emma, who occupy the top positions as names for girls, and since then, it has never stopped being on the TOP 5 best female names list.

Jade has been a top 20 girl’s name outside France in Wallonia, Romandy, and Quebec.

In Spain, Italy, and English-speaking countries, this name dropped in popularity at the end of a glorious decade.

Jade’s Saint’s Day

On June 29, the day of St. Paul, Jesus’ apostle, and St. Peter, pope, and apostle, is commemorated. The first names related to gemstones are honored on the same day, including Emerald, Ruby, Pearl, and Jade.

Jade name personality

meaning of the name jade in hebrew

Jade name, meaning personality, characterizes a loyal person. Indeed, Jade is a faithful person in love and friendship. We can count on her in all circumstances.

She is very generous and does not hesitate to go to others and support them in their trials. It is, therefore, natural that the person bearing the name of Jade has recourse to human professions.

Endowed with a great receptivity, she listens tirelessly to others and always finds good advice.

Jade deals with the most complicated subjects with great diplomacy. Courageous, she faces the difficulties of life. In the service of others, Jade often does not forget herself; she likes to care for herself.

Jade reveals an intelligent and attractive woman. In love, Jade seeks true passion with her partner.

Celebrities named Jade

Celebrities named Jade include Jade Jagger, a British model, daughter of the famous Mick and Bianca Jagger, born in 1971.

Jade Hallyday was born in 2004, the adopted daughter of French rocker Johnny and Laeticia Hallyday.

Jade Leboeuf is the daughter of former French footballer Franck Leboeuf, Belgian model and Arnaud’s Lagardère wife.

The English actress Jade Alleyne is best known for playing Clem Burton in the CBBC comedy 4 O’Clock Club and Kaylee in the Disney Channel series.

Jade Baraldo is a popular Brazilian artist/group, best known for the songs: Aguenta Caladinha, Fuel To Fire, and Desapaixonar.

YouTuber and novelist Jade Bowler is better known by her YouTube handle, Unjaded Jade. She is frequently mentioned as one of the original “StudyTubers.”

Jade’s name curious facts

In all civilizations, jade has been used in multiple ways. The Spanish, who crushed it to make decoctions, called it piedra de ijada, “stone against kidney pain.”

Inspired by this practice, the French called it ejade, then jade.

Five thousand years ago, jade was considered a royal stone in China. It was a symbol of love, virtue, and social status. In Central America, jade was used to create sculptures and masks, especially among the Aztecs.

In Europe. The use of jade in jewelry dates back to the 16th century.

Jade’s name popularity

In the 16th century, Jade was used to treat kidney diseases in Europe. It was not until several centuries later that the name Jade appeared.

The first girls named Jade were born in 1973, with the craze for names inspired by nature.

According to the name registry history, 61,000 little girls were named Jade in France. Oui!!! Jade has been the most common feminine given name in France since 2000. This name is attributed to one in 90 girls today.

Jade is one of the top 50 most popular feminine names in France.

Spiritual meaning of the name Jade

Jade name meaning in the bible: Green jade is highly appreciated in the Orient as a symbol of purity, lightness, wisdom, serenity, and wealth. Shamans and healers also treasure it as a therapeutic stone. Green jade is associated with the heart chakra, love, and harmony. It is believed to be a mineral that emits peace and brings protection and purity.

Jade’s name in Arabic alludes to the prized semi-precious stone known for its healing and magical properties.

Middle names that go with Jade

Congratulations on selecting a popular, beautiful, earthy name for your little girl.

Jade is a perfect name for a girl who will grow up confident and excited about life. Try combining this name with one of the following feminine names.

Cute middle names that go with Jade

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  • Jade Maelle
  • Jade Lye
  • Jade Émilie
  • Jade Audrey
  • Eve Jade
  • Jade May
  • Audrey Jade
  • Jade Noemy
  • Jade Alexa
  • Jade Olivia
  • Jade Amelia
  • Jade Isabella
  • Jade Evelyn
  • Jade Harper
  • Emie Jade
  • Daly Jade
  • Émilie Jade
  • Chloé Jade
  • Jade Isis
  • Léah Jade
  • Jade Noemy
  • Kim Jade
  • Jade Élise 
  • Laurie Jade
  • Ely-Jade
  • Nora Jade
  • Laurie Jade
  • Mary Jade
  • Sara Jade
  •  Lily Jade


Is the name Jade in the Bible?

It alludes to the prized semi-precious stone known for its healing and magical properties.

What is the meaning name Jade in Hebrew?

Jade is translated as Jada (yahda); Hebrew means “he knows.”

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