Louise Name Meaning and Origin

by Zol Larice
louise name meaning in bible

Louise Name is a French name and is the feminine version of Louis, which is of Germanic origin. Because of its origins, Louise roughly means “glorious fighter” or “illustrious in combat” it is a name that symbolizes royalty, intelligence, and elegance.

  • Gender: ♀
  • Associated astrological sign: Gemini
  • Color: green
  • Origin: French
  • Lucky number: 9
  • Gemstone: Emerald
  • Metal: Mercury
  • Variant: Louïse, Luisa, Luise
  • Associations to avoid: The association of Louise with surnames beginning with the letters Y, I, S, and Z or with the sound “si.”

What is the meaning of the name Louise?

Louise is a unique and beautiful French name for a baby girl; This name is derived from the Germanic terms Hlod and –wig, which means “glory” and “struggle, famous.”

Louise’s name means: Famous warrior or renowned warrior.

Spiritual meaning of the name Louise

Louise, the girl’s version of Louis, is mainly popular in the Christian religion. By its Germanic origins, Louise means approximately “glorious fighter” or “illustrious in battle,” a name that symbolizes royalty, intelligence, and elegance.

Louise Name meaning and Origin

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Origin of the name Louise

Louise originated from the Germanic name Hlodowig, whose Germanic roots Hlod- and -wig means “glory” and ” warrior,” hence the meaning of ” famous warrior.” or “renowned warrior.”

Historically, this feminine form of Louis has been exemplified by the queens of France, Portugal, Prussia, and Poland.

But this name, after having visited many palaces and bourgeois salons, Louise changed its label in the nineteenth century: it spread throughout society, where this feminine name has been worn by one in three girls in France for five decades.

As mentioned above, Louise has been a popular French name for decades, reaching the top of the list of girls’ names chosen by Parisian parents in a short time.

This success was contagious, as in 2015 when the name Louise became France’s top baby girl name.

However, this reign was halted in 2016 by the incredible presence of the name Emma which retook its place at the top. Jade now surpasses the name Louise in popularity, but….

Will it stay in 3rd place or regain the number one position??

This success has relatively few international emulators. This name is even less popular in the United States, where it struggles with the name Louisa (a variant of Louise) to break into the top 1000 most popular names for girls in the USA.

Louise’s name is also absent from Quebec’s top 100 girls’ names. However, it is a name that ranks high in both Wallonia and Switzerland.

Louise’s Saint’s Day

On March 15, we honor Saint-Louis, originally king of France Capet, Louis XI (1214-1270), a great architect and justice and He was a great defender of the Poor.

On the same date, we honor Saint Louise de Marillac, a disciple of Saint Vincent de Paul and co-founder of The Daughters of Charity Province of St. Louise in the 17th century.

Names for girls.

Louise name personality

Louise name personality

Louise has a lot of charm, but that doesn’t mean that you will notice her at first sight, as she is quite discreet. Hard-working, she will rigorously assume all the tasks assigned to her. Dreamy and passionate.

She is meticulous and very friendly. She has an innate sense of order and duty. For example, she cannot leave her workplace without everything being perfect and well-ordered. She feels at ease in the social world and knows how to transmit her great optimism. However, Louise is also often afraid of doing things wrong, being rejected, or not being loved.

She can organize a big event with enthusiasm but stays behind the scenes when it happens because Louise prefers to be discreet rather than turn in the spotlight. Louise has a big heart, would not hurt a fly, and likes to feel helpful more than anything else. She takes no decision lightly and always thinks before she acts.

Famous People Named Louise

Today, the beautiful Louise Bourgoin, actress, presenter, and model, is one of the most famous Louise in France (1911-2010). We can also mention the princess and mother of King Francis I, Louise of Savoy, or the anarchist and feminist activist of the nineteenth century, Louise Michel (1830-1905).

Let us also mention the duchesses Louise de La Vallière and Louise Bénédicte de Bourbon, Louise de Vilmorin (woman of letters) and the 16th century poet Louise Labé; Louise Eckland, British television presenter.

Louise Ciccone is the actual name of the American singer Madonna, born in 1958.

In addition, we can mention the Australian tennis player Louise Field, the American comic book writer and screenwriter Louise Simonson, and the Canadian novelist Louise Gauthier.

In 2020, the poet Louise Glück was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature.

How to pronounce Louise name in French, English, and Spanish

💜 How to pronounce Louise in English, French and Spanish

Louise’s name curious facts

This name has been popular in France, England, and the United States for a long time. This feminine name was mainly attributed to the daughters of noble and wealthy families before spreading to all classes of society in the 19th century.

Louise’s name symbolizes royalty, elegance, and intelligence; this feminine name was neglected long before regaining general interest a few years ago. More than 114,000 girls in France currently use it.

In history, we find that the niece of Louis XI and mother of Francis I, Louise of Savoy, was twice regent of the kingdom.

Her decision-making and diplomatic action enabled her to ensure the stability essential for France and ultimately give her back her king (Louise of Savoy had Francis I, a prisoner of Charles V, released).

She subsequently obtained the release of her grandchildren by negotiating the Peace, which she signed in Cambrai in 1529.

An example of conduct, Louise of Savoy submerged France in grief when she succumbed to the plague in 1531.

Louise d’Orléans (1812-1850) married King Leopold I of Belgium in 1832 and became the first queen of the Belgians. She was quickly nicknamed “The Beloved” and showed concern for low-income families.

Louise’s name popularity

Today, Louise remains one of France’s and Belgium’s most popular names. This name is attributed to almost one out of 100 girls names like Jade and Emma today.

Middle names to go with Louise

Congratulations on selecting a popular, beautiful french name for your little girl. Are you looking for the perfect middle name that goes with Louise?

Below you’ll find a variety of options:

  • Louise Agathe
  • Louise Anne
  • Louise Marie
  • Louise Abigail
  • Louise Harper
  • Louise Josephine
  • Louise Isabella
  • Louise Jane
  • Louise Hart
  • Louise Nova
  • Louise Quinn
  • Louise Avery
  • Louise Blair
  • Louise Claire
  • Louise Aurora
  • Louise Noelle
  • Louise Sophie
  • Louise Jane
  • Louise Scarlette
Middle names that go with Louise

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What does the name Louise mean?

Louise’s name means Famous warrior or renowned warrior.

Is Louise a girl’s name?

Yes, Louise is a girl´s name and is the feminine version of Louis.

Where does the name Louise originate from?

This name is derived from the Germanic terms Hlod and –wig, which means “glory” and “struggle, famous.”

What is the biblical meaning of the name Louise?

Louise is a Christian name, and the meaning of this name is “Famous Warrior.”

Does Louise mean warrior?

In French, the meaning of name Louise is Famous warrior. Renowned fighter.

What is short for Louise?

Lou, Lui, and Lulu, are all common nicknames for Louise.

How is Louise pronounced?


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