50 Top Baby Girl Names Inspired by Flowers

by Zol Larice
50 Beautiful Baby Girl Names Inspired by Flowers

Choosing a name for your baby girl is a thrilling experience for parents-to-be. It’s a decision that will stay with your child for the rest of their life. When naming your little princess, you want something unique and special that reflects her beauty and charm. What could be more inspiring than flowers, the ultimate symbol of beauty and grace?

Consider a floral name if you’re searching for a meaningful and captivating name for your baby girl. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of 50 beautiful baby girl names inspired by flowers. These names are not unique but carry rich symbolism representing love, hope, and joy. Let’s dive in!

The Power of Floral Names

Floral names can impact a person’s life and identity, as they are often closely associated with beauty, joy, innocence, and femininity. Giving someone a floral name can bring love, admiration, and connection to nature.

Even people who don’t consider themselves particularly close to nature can find solace in the beauty of a floral name. Having a floral name gives one an extra sense of comfort and protection in life, like the petals of a flower protecting its center from harm.

Floral names also carry connotations of gracefulness, strength, and resilience—all qualities we should strive for. From Rose to Daisy to Violet to Lilac, these beautiful names bring us closer to nature and remind us that we can always find beauty within ourselves no matter what complex challenges life throws us.

The Beauty and Meaning of Flower Names for Girls

Flower-inspired baby names have become quite popular in recent years for a few reasons. First, flowers are often associated with beauty, love, and hope, making them a very appealing choice for a baby’s name. Many people find these names unique and meaningful, essential when choosing a name for your child.

Not only do flowers evoke beauty and fragility, but they also carry various symbolic meanings. For example, roses symbolize love and beauty, daisies signify innocence and purity, and lilies symbolize commitment and devotion.

Naming your daughter after a flower can be a wonderful reminder of her unique qualities or virtues. Flower names also make great middle names as they can act as a reminder of the family’s heritage or shared values. No matter what type of flower you choose for your daughter’s name, it will add a special touch that she will cherish forever.

How to Choose the Perfect Floral Name for Your Baby Girl 

Start by looking at flowers you like, their meanings, and how they sound when said aloud. Research each flower’s name’s origin and significance in different cultures.

Consider how the name would fit with your family’s culture and heritage. Consider if the name has any special meaning to you or your partner, such as a favorite flower from childhood or a bloom that reminds you of a meaningful memory. Also, look for unique names that are manageable, which will stand out but still be easy to pronounce and spell.

A Bouquet of Beautiful Names for your baby

50 Top Baby Girl Names Inspired by Flowers

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Celosia is a beautiful name inspired by a flower of the same name. The Celosia flower has different varieties and colors, but they all have one thing in common – they are incredibly eye-catching! Most Celosia flowers have bright and vibrant colors, ranging from deep reds to light pinks and oranges. Celosia has also become associated with new beginnings and fresh starts due to its strong association with the sun and fire. In some cultures, it has been said that this flower can bring good luck and protection against misfortune; Celosia is an excellent choice for anyone looking for an exotic yet stylish name for their child. 


Daniella is a beautiful name inspired by a flower. The name reflects beauty and grace, just like a flower in full bloom. Daniella symbolizes new beginnings, as the blooming of a flower marks the start of a new season. It can also signify purity and innocence, as flowers often represent these qualities. Daniella is an ideal choice for parents who want to give their daughters a unique name that is meaningful and special.


Buyère is a beautiful and unique French name that means “heather.” This flower is known for its delicate bell-shaped blooms ranging from pink to purple. It’s a perfect choice for parents who want a name with nature-inspired origins, as the heather flower is often associated with everlasting love, good luck, and protection. 


Rose is a beautiful name for girls with a special meaning.  Rose comes from the Latin word rosa, which means “beautiful flower.” Roses have long been associated with love, beauty, and romance because of their stunning beauty and sweet scent.  It’s no wonder Rose is such a popular choice for flower names for girls—it’s a beautiful, meaningful, and unique name.

In Christian symbolism, the rose symbolizes hope and faith in God. The name Rose can also represent purity, innocence, and grace. It is often given as an expression of deep affection and admiration. In some cultures, roses are believed to represent fertility and abundance.


Begonia is a beautiful and unique flower name for a girl, symbolizing caution and deep thoughts. The begonia flower is an exotic bloom in many vibrant hues, ranging from pink to yellow and red to orange.

Its petals are usually star-shaped, and its leaves are often ruffled, giving it a delicate appearance. This flower is known for its beauty and symbolism; it represents caution and deep thoughts.

As such, this could be the perfect name for a girl who takes her time making decisions and considers all angles before coming to any conclusion. 


Deutzia is a name of Latin origin that means “from the name Deutz.” The name itself comes from a small town in Germany known as Deutz. It used to be an important Roman outpost, which explains why it has been adopted for use in this flower’s name.

The plant is native to Japan, China, and Korea and belongs to the hydrangea family. It grows in deciduous forests and woodlands along roadsides and streams. It features small white flowers that bloom in April or May. There are wide varieties of Deutzia, some of which can reach up to three meters tall while others stay much smaller. 


Lily is a beautiful name for girls, inspired by the delicate and graceful lily flower. It is an ancient symbol of innocence, purity, and beauty. The lily flower has been known to represent rebirth and renewal in many cultures, as it is often seen growing back from the same bulb each year – making it a strong symbol of hope.

In Christianity, the lily flower is often used to represent the Virgin Mary. The gentle curves of the petals evoke feelings of love and compassion. Furthermore, the white color of the lily flower stands for purity and majesty – all attributes associated with any young girl given this name.


Daisy is an English name from the Old English dægeseage, meaning “day’s eye.” The daisy flower symbolizes innocence, purity, and new beginnings. It is a popular choice for girls’ names and has been used in literature for centuries. The name Daisy is associated with characters such as Daisy Buchanan from F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel The Great Gatsby and Daisy Duck of Disney fame. As a given name, it first appeared in the 19th century and has become increasingly popular. 


Violet is a beautiful name for girls, inspired by the purple flower of the same name. It symbolizes creativity, loyalty, strength, and beauty.

This hue of purple was historically associated with royalty and was often used to decorate the clothing and accessories of kings and queens throughout the centuries. It is also believed that those bearing this name are typically compassionate, imaginative, and intuitive individuals who deeply understand others. Violet comes  from the Latin word ‘viola,’ which means ‘purple flower.’ It is popular in both English-speaking countries and in many parts of Europe. 


Jasmine comes from the Persian word “yasmin,”  which means “gift from God.” It’s one of the most popular flower names in the world. This girl flower’s name has appeared in literature and art since ancient times. Jasmine symbolizes beauty, elegance, grace, and femininity. This name carries many spiritual meanings, such as hope and purity. The jasmine flower has long been used in perfumes due to its sweet and fragrant aroma. Its delicate petals have also been associated with love, joy, success, and new beginnings. 


Iris is a beautiful flower name for girls, inspired by the Greek goddess of the rainbow. It is one of the oldest flower names and has been used as a girl’s name in Europe since at least the Middle Ages. The iris symbolizes faith, hope, courage, wisdom, and admiration.

In mythology, Iris was the messenger of the gods and goddesses, who moved between Heaven and Earth on a rainbow bridge. In Christian tradition, it symbolizes God’s promise to mankind that He will never leave us or forsake us. Irises also have strong associations with royalty and divinity due to their long history in Europe.

The name is also associated with the beautiful iris flower, which comes in various colors, including purple, blue, yellow, and white.


Magnolia is a beautiful name for girls, derived from the Latin word “magnol,” which means “noble.” Magnolia is inspired by the magnolia tree and flower, symbolizing beauty, nobility, perseverance, and dignity. Magnolia is a classic Southern girl name commonly used since the 19th century and has unique symbolism. It can represent someone who loves nature or who is strong and resilient in the face of adversity. 


The French name Bleuet has a beautiful meaning and origin. It is derived from the French word “bleu,” which means blue and symbolizes loyalty and constancy. The name is associated with the Cornflower, also known as Bluebottle or Bachelor’s Button, a delicate flower that young men in France once wore to signify love and fidelity.

Bleuet can be used for either boys or girls, making it an excellent choice for parents who want to show their commitment to one another. It has recently gained popularity in the United States due to its unique yet meaningful connection to French culture and tradition.


Dahlia is a trendy name, and it is also the name of a beautiful flower. The dahlia flower is native to Mexico and symbolizes elegance, dignity, creativity, and change. It has been associated with many meanings throughout history, such as strength, variety, and good luck. The flower has become a symbol of unity in some cultures because its petals come in such wide varieties and colors – from white to yellow to red to purple! 


Poppy is a popular name that originates from the Latin word ‘papaver um,’ meaning the flower of the same name. It has been used as a given name in English-speaking countries since the 19th century, though its popularity only started to rise during the 20th century. Its meaning is often associated with beauty, peace, love, and remembrance due to the poppies being seen in many places as a symbol of fallen soldiers during WWI. A Poppy is also seen as a sign of hope, as it’s a flower that grows in any environment.


The name “Aneth” is of Greek origin and means “to blossom.” While Aneth is not commonly associated with a flower, it is sometimes linked to the herb “dill,” which in some languages, including Greek, is called “aneth.”

Dill is a fragrant herb with delicate cute yellow flowers commonly used in cooking and has a long history of medicinal use. In some cultures, dill is also associated with good luck and protection.

As a name, Aneth can symbolize growth, renewal, good fortune, and protection. Its connection to the herb dill adds a touch of uniqueness and botanical charm.


Diascia’s name comes from the Greek words “dia,” meaning “across,” and “skia,” meaning “shadow.” This is thought to refer to the way the flowers of the plant are held above the foliage, creating a shadow effect.

Diascia represents joy, creativity, and a sense of playfulness. These Bright, cheerful flowers are often associated with happiness and positivity. In addition, the name connects to the idea of shadows and light and can be seen as a symbol of balance and harmony.


Azucena is a beautiful name inspired by a flower, symbolizing purity, innocence, and beauty. This flower is often associated with the Virgin Mary due to its white petals, which are believed to represent her purity. The Azucena is also known as the lily of the valley, and it has been used throughout history as a symbol of good luck, hope, and faith. It can be found in various cultures worldwide and has been used for centuries to express love, devotion, and friendship. In Spanish, Azucena means “white flower.”


The Peony is a unique and beautiful flower with a name with deep meaning and origin. The name is derived from the Greek word “paeon,” which was the physician of the gods in Greek mythology. It symbolizes riches, honor, and prosperity. In Chinese culture, it is associated with luck, health, long life, and good fortune. Peonies are known for their large, colorful blooms in various shades, including red, pink, white, and yellow. They are highly sought after for cut flower arrangements and bouquets due to their beauty, longevity, and sweet fragrance. 


If you want a unique name for your baby, Zinnia can be a beautiful choice! The name Zinnia is of Latin origin and translates to “flower.” Zinnia is a flower with wide different varieties and colors to choose from. There are the classic white zinnias and pink, purple, orange, yellow, and red varieties. Some of the most popular zinnia varieties include ‘Oklahoma’s Rose,’ ‘Dreamland Mix,’ and ‘Profusion White.’ 


Azalea is a beautiful floral name with Greek origins that means “dry” and is derived from the azalea flower, which symbolizes temperance. The Azalea flower’s symbolism of austerity is even found in its colors; shades of pink represent grace and femininity, while white stands for purity and innocence. This flower name is perfect for those hoping to evoke freshness, integrity, and youthfulness. Whether you want a unique floral-inspired name or something special and meaningful, Azalea will surely fit the bill! This name’s popularity has only increased, making it one of the best flower names.


This unique flower name originates from the Greek word for “star” and is associated with love, faithfulness, and wisdom. As a name, Aster symbolizes patience and intricacy, making it a perfect choice for those looking for a unique baby girl name. It’s also the birth flower for September and the traditional gift for the 25th wedding anniversaries. The aster is often seen in bouquets on special occasions, such as weddings or anniversaries, to express deep love and devotion. 


Sage comes from the Latin word “salvia,” which means wise. The name has been unisex in English-speaking countries since the late 19th century and is becoming increasingly popular.  This name has a spiritual connotation to it as well, often being associated with ancient sages or wise elders. It also has naturalistic associations, being the same word for a type of herb used in cooking and traditional medicine. Sage is an attractive baby name for both boys and girls.


The flowers of the Camellia plant are large and showy and come in various colors, including pink, red, and white. Camellia is seen as a symbol of longevity and is often given as a gift to wish someone a long and happy life. It is also often associated with romantic love and is popular for Valentine’s Day bouquets. This name represents love, affection, and admiration. 


The name Marigold has a fascinating origin and meaning. It is derived from the Old English words ‘mere,’ meaning ‘sea,’ and ‘golde,’ meaning ‘flower.’ This combination of meanings makes sense when looking at the beautiful marigold flower that blooms in shades of yellow and orange that resemble a sunset over the sea. The flower is also associated with strength, resilience, and joy – all traits found in those who carry this name. Marigolds symbolize hope for a bright future and remind us to keep our spirits high. All these elements combine to make Marigold an exciting and meaningful name for anyone lucky to receive it!


The name Calla is of Latin origin and means “beautiful.”  As a feminine name, Calla is associated with beauty and grace, making it an ideal choice for any parent searching for a meaningful name for their daughter. The name can also represent the beauty of nature and often reminds people of the flower of the same name, which is known for its stunning white petals.


The name Anemone is derived from Greek and is steeped in mythology. In Greek, the term anemos means “wind,” so the flower is often called the windflower. It is believed that Aphrodite, the goddess of love, shed tears over Adonis, which turned into anemones when they touched the ground. This story has led to some associating the flower with forsaken love and a broken heart. Some associate it with anticipation because it can bloom even after dead cold winter days. Anemone symbolizes protection and good luck in some cultures, while others associate it with fragility and a reminder of mortality.


Lilac is a name associated with a beautiful flower. ‘lilac’ derives from the Greek word ‘sykon,’ which means in English ‘shrub.’ The name conjures images of a small shrub with delicate white or pale purple flowers and a strong scent that carries on the breeze. It is believed to symbolize the beauty and grace of feminine energy and a sign of hope and renewal. Lilac means intelligence, creativity, and joy. It also has associations with loyalty, peace, and freshness – qualities that would be beneficial if given as a name to a baby girl. 


Flora is a beautiful Latin name rooted in Roman mythology. It was initially used to describe the goddess of flowers, gardens, and springtime. The name’s literal translation means “flower” or “blossom” and is often associated with beauty, freshness, and fertility. Flora is also known for being an empowering feminine name symbolizing renewal, hope, and optimism.

Many parents choose this name for their daughters because of its strong connection to the natural world and its positive connotations. Flora is a popular name throughout Europe and many countries in South America and other parts of the world. It is also gaining popularity in the United States due to its elegant sound and meaning.

In addition, it has been used as a middle name for centuries in many cultures, adding to its allure. Overall, Flora is a beautiful choice for anyone looking for an attractive yet meaningful name for their baby girl.


Gardenia is a beautiful name from the Latin word “garda,” meaning “garden.” The name has been around since at least the 1500s and was used as a first name in England during the 19th century, although it is more commonly used as a middle name or surname today. Gardenia has come to symbolize secret love and joy in English-speaking countries, making it an excellent choice for those looking for an unusual and meaningful name.

The flower of the same name is often associated with this beautiful name, adding to its romantic appeal. Gardenia also has associations with good luck in many cultures, making it an excellent choice for parents hoping their child will have a happy life.


The petunia flower is an adorable and popular garden flower. It is a symbol of love, romance, and good wishes. This small, cute flower has five symmetrical petals in various colors, like white, purple, pink, and yellow. 


Lotus is a beautiful name for girls inspired by the flower of the same name. The lotus flower symbolizes beauty, purity, and enlightenment and is often associated with Hinduism and Buddhism. It blooms in muddy waters and symbolizes new beginnings, spiritual awakening, and strength in adversity. The lotus flower also inspires creativity, grace, balance, and perseverance. It can be seen as a reminder to take time to appreciate our beauty within, despite any challenges we may face on the outside. 


Oleander is an unusual name for girls. It is inspired by the oleander flower, one of the most beloved in many countries and cultures. Symbolically, the oleander flower represents love, courage, and protection.


Primrose comes from the Latin word prima rosa, meaning “first rose.” It was first used as a given name in England during the Middle Ages and was initially used to describe someone with a passion for flowers. 


Lavina is a beautiful flowery name for girls inspired by the Latin word lavare, which means purify, innocence, and youthfulness. Lavina is a short and sweet name, making it easy to remember and pronounce. Lavina is often associated with royalty and sophistication due to its regal origins. This name also carries connotations of beauty and creativity, making it an ideal choice for those looking for a strong yet beautiful title for their daughter.


Wisteria is derived from the flower of the same name, a pea family member. Its origin is believed to come from an English botanist, Caspar Wistar, who first documented the flower in 1787. The flower is known for its sweetly scented, cascading clusters of purple, pink, or white flowers.

It is also associated with love and romance due to its beauty and aroma. In Chinese culture, wisteria has been associated with longevity and good luck because it blooms in spring around the same time as other traditional symbols of luck, such as bamboo and cherry blossoms.

As a given name, Wisteria has become more popular since the 20th century as parents have looked to nature for inspiration when selecting baby names for girls. 


Daffodil is a beautiful spring flower that has captivated people for generations. Unsurprisingly, the name “Daffodil” has been adopted as a baby name over the years. The name Daffodil is of Welsh origin and means “a flower of joy or happiness.” As such, it is an uplifting and positive name to give to your new baby.

It also reflects the beauty and optimism of this flower, which blooms in the springtime and brings sunshine to people’s lives.

Daffodils symbolize rebirth and new beginnings – making it an excellent name for a baby born during this time of year. Additionally, parents may find comfort in knowing their child will be associated with such a cheerful and cheerful-looking plant.

There are many variations on the spelling of this delightful baby name – some examples include Daifel, Daefel, and Daiphul.


Thistle is derived from the Old English word thistle, which means “thorny plant.” The pretty flower has long been a symbol of Scotland, and its scientific name, Onopordum acanthium, is derived from the Greek words for “prickly” and “flower.” According to folklore, thistles were brought to Scotland by a mythical figure known as the Thistle King.

Legend has it that he could protect Scotland from invaders by using the prickly plants to repel them. Over time, the thistle became a popular symbol of Scottish identity and pride.

Today, its symbolism can be seen in many aspects of Scottish culture, including its national flag. The thistle also stands for courage and strength; it’s said that those who wear or carry a thistle will be protected from harm.


Hyacinth is a name that means  ‘flower’ or ‘blue flower.’ and is derived from the Greek word hyakinthos. It has been used since antiquity to reference the beautiful purple and blue flowers of the same name. The ancient Greeks linked this floral name to Adonis, a young man tragically killed by a wild boar while hunting.

As such, Hyacinth has become associated with beauty and young love. In addition to being given as a first name, it is also commonly found in Latin forms such as Jacinthus and Jacinthe, meaning “beautiful gem” or “precious stone.” Other variants include Hyakinthos, Hyakinthe, Jacinto, and Jacinda. This name has been popular with authors such as William Shakespeare and Christina Rossetti in modern times. 


Amsonia is a beautiful and unique name that has been around for centuries. It originates from Latin and means “friend of the people” or “graciousness.” This name can be used for both boys and girls, as it is gender-neutral.

It symbolizes being kind, friendly, and generous to everyone around you. Amsonia is also associated with hope, faith, and trustworthiness – something many parents want to instill in their children. Additionally, this name carries a strong sense of loyalty and dedication which is why it’s so popular amongst parents today. 


Carnation means fleshy flower. The name has many symbolic meanings, such as love, beauty, and distinction. In some cultures, carnations are seen as a sign of luck or good fortune. They are also often used in wedding bouquets to symbolize everlasting love and affection between a married couple. Carnations come in many colors, and each one has its special meaning. For example, pink carnations signify admiration and gratitude, while red carnations symbolize deep love and affection. White carnations represent pure love and innocence, while yellow represents joy and happiness. 


Freesia is a beautiful name for girls, inspired by the flower of the same name. From South Africa, freesias are known for their sweet, fragrant smell and bright colors. Symbolically, freesia represents innocence and friendship. 


Ancolie is a very unique and beautiful name for a girl. It is derived from the French word ‘ancolie,’ which means ‘flower.’ This name has a long history, being used as far back as the medieval period in Europe. The flower symbolizes beauty, grace, and innocence, making it perfect for a young girl. Ancolie also reflects solid feminine qualities such as love and kindness. It is also said to bring luck to those who bear it. In addition, this name can be shortened to ‘Anco’ or ‘Anc.’ 


Yarrow is a beautiful name with an interesting origin and meaning. It comes from the Old English words gearwe and geirwe, which mean “precious” and “exalted,” respectively. The name has been derived to represent a flowering plant often used in herbal medicine. The symbol associated with this name represents strength and resilience, making it an ideal choice for parents looking for a strong-willed and determined individual. Yarrow has been popularized by many literary works, such as Shakespeare’s Macbeth, where it was used to ward off evil spirits. This name also holds significance in Greek mythology as the flower of Achilles, who, according to legend, used it to heal his wounds during battle. 


Marguerite is of French origin and derived from the Latin word margarita, meaning pearl. As a feminine given name, it has been popular in France since the Middle Ages. It was popularized by a character in Alexandre Dumas’ novel La Dame aux camélias (The Lady of the Camellias), which was adapted for the stage and opera as La Traviata. In addition to its use as a given name, it also serves as an English surname. 

Marguerite symbolizes beauty and grace, associated with delicate white flowers that have long been used to adorn gardens and bouquets. The flower’s association with purity and innocence makes Marguerite a perfect choice for any little girl who wants to embody those qualities. 


Angélonia is a beautiful and unique girl’s flower choice for your baby. Derived from the Latin word “angelus,” which means “angel” or “messenger,” the name has a spiritual origin that is imbued with power and grace. The name also strongly links with nature, as it is derived from the Greek word “angos,” meaning “flower.” This makes it an ideal choice for anyone looking to capture the essence of springtime and renewal in their little angel’s name. 


Violeta is a beautiful name inspired by flowers, symbolizing beauty, innocence, and joy. This name has been popular for decades in many cultures as a baby name, usually for girls. The name meaning comes from the Latin word “violets,” which means “blooming” or “to open up.” Violeta name is also associated with faithfulness, loyalty, and eternal love.


Amapola is a name inspired by the bright and beautiful flower of the same name. In Spanish, Amapola means “poppy,” with its vibrant colors of red and purple bringing cheer to any garden or vase. The flower symbolizes many things, such as success, wealth, passion, and love. It is also seen as a reminder that life is ever-changing and unpredictable. As the flower blooms and fades away, so do our lives. This makes Amapola an excellent choice for a name – 


Gazania is a beautiful name inspired by a beautiful flower.  Gazania comes from the Greek word  ‘gaza’, which means ‘splendor’ or ‘magnificence,’ reflecting the striking beauty of this flower. The Gazania flower is native to South Africa and can be found in various colors, including bright yellow, orange, white, and pink. 

Spanish flower names for girls 

  • Rosa – Rose
  • Camelia – Camellia Flower
  • Margarita – Daisy
  • Jazmín – Jasmine
  • Azucena – Madonna lily
  • Amapola – Poppy
  • Dalia – Dahlia
  • Jacinta – Hyacinth
  • Magnolia – Magnolia
  • Abelia – Abelia
  • Amarilis – Amaryllis
  • Azalea – Azalea
  • Cala – Calla
  • Gazania – Gazania
  • Violeta – Violet Flower
  • Azalea – Azalea Flower
  • Rosalinda – Pretty Rose

These beautiful and unique flower names are popular in Spanish-speaking countries.

In conclusion, naming a baby girl can be a difficult decision. With so many options available, it can be daunting to narrow down the choices. Taking inspiration from flowers can help make the process easier, as there are so many beautiful flower names for baby girls. Whether you choose a classic like Daisy or Lily or something more unique like Begonia or Magnolia, there will surely be a perfect fit for any little girl.

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