Classic, cute and popular French baby girl names

by Zol Larice
French baby girl names

Choose the perfect name for your baby girl through this unique and extraordinary French baby girl’s name guide.

Chloé, Emma, Léa… And more cute names for her and their corresponding meanings in this blog post.

This article offers a ton of information related to over 200 French female names, and I hope you find the name that matches your expectations here!

Choosing the right name for your baby girl takes time. Here in this article are many cute options for finding the right name for your baby.

Hopefully, this list will allow you to find the best name for her.

Most popular French girl’s names

You really can’t go wrong with a popular, classic French name. For example, Sophie, Anne, and Sandrine. They are classic, common, and timeless.

People will always know how to pronounce those French names (most of the time 😊).

Remember that kids with unique names must deal with constant mispronunciation, misspelling, and misunderstanding.

So depending on where your family is located and where your baby girl will grow up, you might choose a name that will be easy for her to carry on.

If your little one grows up to be a world traveler, choose a name that will be easy to pronounce in almost any language, choose a name that you love, and choose a name that feels right.

It’s time to provide you with a few popular French female names but first, let me give you a piece of advice so you can find the perfect name for your daughter.

Take it easy and investigate the origin and meaning of the name well. Your little girl will carry that name her entire life, which will be the main part of her identity.

Her name will also play a very important role in her social life.

So, make sure you choose a meaningful name for your baby. A cute french name that is not related to any negative things.

  1. EMMA
    Emma is a popular girl name in France. She is Strong, brave, and authoritative; she can get everything she wants. Meaning: “Universal”
  2. MARIE
    Marie is a Classic French name for girls. She is reserved, she is active and dynamic. Marie has a firm and determined personality; She is noble and attractive while still simple. Meaning: “sea of bitterness.”
    Sandrine is a popular French female name derived from Alexander. Witty, refined Sandrine attracts an attentive audience, seduced by her eloquence and sense of acute observation. She is very affectionate; she needs a serene family. Meaning: “Protector of Men”.
  4. CHLOÉ
    Chloé o Chloë is a feminine name very popular in France with a Greek origin. She is full of life, and spontaneous, and as a child, she was interested in everything. Possessor of a lot of imagination and developed intuition. Meaning: “fertility” or “blooming.”
    Sophie is classic, a popular name in France that will never go out of fashion. Greek origin. Reserved, Sophie is nonetheless very sensitive. So she often prefers to keep her distance to protect herself from emotional wounds because she cannot be disappointed by those she trusts. Meaning: “wise, wisdom.”
  6. ANNE
    Anne is a name of Hebrew origin and is a popular female name in France. Proud and discreet, Anne impresses with her elegance. She is intuitive. Anne is a Classic French name. Meaning: “grace”
    Christine is a sociable, distinguished, friendly person and pleasant hostess. She takes care of her family. Christine is a Classic name honored from 1950 to 1970. Meaning: “Follower Of Christ”
    French female given name. Hypersensitive Charlotte is a great person who moves forward in life. She is communicative, intuitive, generous, and a great friend. Meaning: “petite”
    Gentle and calm, Clémence is rather very attached to her home. She fears conflicts, aggression, struggles, and competitive professional life. She prefers to spend time with her family or do voluntary activities. Meaning: “gentle” or “merciful.”
    Energetic, responsible, and sociable, Camille appreciates being loved, respected, and admired. First name in the spotlight in the 19th century, and since 1980 been associated with French first names. Meaning: “serving at the altar.”
  11. MARION
    Intuitive, calm, and thoughtful, Marion rine seeks solitude; she is very smart and loves to study and cultivate her analytic mind. Meaning: “drop of the sea.”
    Emmanuelle is sometimes passive when she feels confident and very emotional. She is a faithful and dangerous friend. Popular French name from 1960 to 1980. Meaning: “God with us.”
    Frank and spontaneous, Mélanie is sweet. Mélanie has been a popular french name since 1970.
    Meaning: “dark”
    Gabrielle is a French’s popular name with a biblical origin. Meaning: “God is my strength.”
    She is passionate and curious about everything, particularly the world around her and people. For her, friendship is of great importance. Meaning: “crown”
  16. ÉMILIE
    Courageous and energetic, Émilie is a strong-minded woman. She knows what she wants and struggles to get it with great chances of success because she is very stubborn. She is a very good friend and someone you can trust. Meaning: “comes from Aemulus.”
    Happy and charming, Aurélie hides a strong personality under an appearance of sweetness. She knows how to lead her career brilliantly. – Popular French name since 1980. Meaning: “The golden one.”
     She is curious, dynamic, brave, likes to make decisions, and is independent. Meaning: “noble”
  19. ÉLIANE
    Éliane is very effective and intelligent, and she does not allow herself to be dominated by her feelings and pursues her projects with determination. Meaning “Jehovah is God.”
    Communicative, generous, and altruistic, Frédérique shines with a powerful charisma. Popular French name since 1950. Meaning: “peaceful ruler.”

French compound girl names.

Probably you don’t know that in France is very common to have a compound name. What is exactly a compound name?

Well, a compound name is linking two names with a – making it a unique and single female name, for example, Marie-Christine.

This was very common in France; however, in modern times is more usual to have one name.

Anne – Claire
Lili – Rose
Louisse – Anne
Carole – Anne
Lise – Marie
Lou – Anne

Cute French Names for girls

LéaFemale Lion
AnnabelleBeauty of Grace
AdèleNoble, nobility
ClaireBright or clear
NathalieChrist’s birthday
LéoniThe lioness or strong as a lioness
ApollineGift from Apollo
FlorenceFlourishing, prosperous

Fashionable French names for girls

Some French and fashionable names for your baby girl that you will love and their meaning is coming next:

  1. ALICE: Of the nobility
  2. MANON: wished-for child
  3. ANAÏS: Merciful, Gracious
  4. AUDREY: Noble and Strength
  5. JULIETTE: Youthful
  6. CAROLINE: Joy
  7. YVONNE: Yew- tree
  8. BRIGITTE: strength or exalted one
  9. VERONIQUE: The one who brings the victory
  10. ÈVE: Life, living
  11. AZÈLIE: Flower
  12. DANIÈLE: God is my judge
  13. JEANNE: God is gracious
  14. LOUNGE: Combination of Louise and Anne
  15. HÉLÈNE: Bright, shining one
  16. SYLVIE: Spirit of the wood
  17. CÉLINE: Heavenly

Chic french girl names

    Sensitive and gentle, Mathilde is made for a harmonious life. She hates tensions and conflicts.
    Meaning: “strength in battle.”
    Éloide loves adventure and routinely puts her off. She knows how to adapt constantly to circumstances. She is very independent, lovely, and loyal.
    Meaning: “foreign riches.”
    Thoughtful and solid, Monique is natural and full of common sense. She is very generous and very attached to her family.
    Meaning: “Wise, advisor.”
  4. AGNE
    She is like an angel that collects all the votes. Agne loves to serve and help others; she is always happy and has a smile that brings harmony to the people around her. She is always seeking to maintain harmonious emotional relationships.
    Meaning: “Pure, Holy”
    Élinae is a very effective, intelligent, and positive person. She appreciates teamwork above all.
    Meaning: “my God is Yahweh”
    Optimist, creative, and a lovely soul is Léonore. Meaning: “the other”
    Yvette hides her worries behind a cheerful temperament. She is a perfectionist and loves success.
    Meaning: “yew tree.”
    A friendly, spontaneous, and pleasant friend is Héloïse
    Meaning: “glorious winner, warrior.”
    Madeleine is a Fench name connected to Mary Magdalene. The name exists in various spellings. This is the French one.
    Meaning: comes from Migdala, the name of a village.

  10. ZÉLIE
    Optimism, creative, and sociable is Zélie. Meaning: “solemn”
    Sentimental, Thérèse leads her life according to her affectivity. Meaning: “to harvest.”
    Shy and affectionate, Lucienne demands a lot from those around her. Meaning: “light”
    Corinne is a woman that loves peace and harmony around her. She is funny, sweet, and very diplomatic.
    Meaning: “maiden”
    Smart, attractive, sociable, spontaneous, and energetic is Eléonore.
    Meaning: “sun-ray” 
    Independent, intuitive, and determined is Joséphine. She is attached to moral values, and her loyalty is foolproof.
    Meaning: “God will increase”

Unique French names for girls

This is our last list of French baby names for girls, and I am sure You’ll choose a wonderful name that fits and feels right for your baby.

  • PAULINE: “little”
  • DOMINIQUE: “light of my heart.”
  • CÉLESTE: “heavenly” 
  • VALÉRIE: “Strong, brave “
  • ANAËLLE: “God answered”
  • CÉLESTINE: “Of the heavens. Heavenly”
  • LÉANE: “Graceful Willow”
  • ANAËLLE: “Grace”
  • PAULETTE: “humble or small.”

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So many beautiful names and such a great post for the mum’s to be to get some ideas


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