Being a blogger, being an influencer -Is not easy.

by Zol Larice
Bloggers awards in monaco

The life of a blogger

Recently I had the big surprise of being nominated for the Influencer awards 2018 in Monaco. My category was Parenting “Crianza,” and this allowed me to connect and meet some of the greatest influencers worldwide. Without knowing it, one of my dreams came true that night; well, I had the pleasure of meeting @lichipanmi, my favorite Instagrammer of all time.

The truth is that even though I didn’t win the award, Yes, I felt really special to have taken part in that great event that night, and in addition to having shared a table with mothers and fathers who are present in social networks with the same objective: we always tried to share what we have learned along the way as parents and how we try to help those who are indicated in that wonderful world.

Well, this is … my trip to Monaco, which was scheduled a couple of days in advance; well, I wasn’t sure at the beginning whether to attend or not because I was going through a very peculiar moment with my blog “It Was Hacked” and it was like that for weeks.

Instagrammers awards Monaco

And in addition to that, I had been out of reach for almost three months of social networks because I gave myself a space to reconnect with myself, with what is mine, and not lose my conscience. Yes, Instagram is a platform to connect, grow, and learn. Still, it has often managed to get people out of the present from reality and created an artificial and illogical world where nothing makes sense anymore.

The truth for everyone who believes that being a blogger is easy: NO, it’s NOT.

Many things can happen, and the de-motivation or loss of momentum can come very fast. Among them are also those people who live for stalking, and it is done with their bad vibes, their jealous absurdities, or those dishonest ones who are running around.

And waiting for the slightest carelessness to attack, and thus We can almost end up losing so many years of work; in my case, I have been with the first blog for more than six years. Can you imagine?

In summary: The blog was recovered a few days before the event, and that’s when I decided to go. Imagine that someone highlighted my work and encouraged me a lot, so I told myself it was time to come back; I felt very fit and fresh. The detail was in the organization … The children, the outfit, the airplane, the hotel ….

I wanted to keep all the memories documented, so I contacted Javier, a Colombian like myself, a professional photographer and a wonderful person.

We traveled together from Paris to Monaco for Javier resides in Paris like me, And that’s how we met.

He leads the community of Parisi in Spanish. When I’m asked about a professional photographer who takes more than just photos, I recommend Javier since it’s also about learning about the city and having a pleasant time with him.

Yes, if you are reading what I wrote, I would advise you to follow him and support his great work, and of course, if you come to Paris, you already know who to count on for this job.

My checklist was coming forward, and I had to find a hotel. You will see the marvelous coincidences and that when God is blessing you, he truly blesses you.

I stayed at Novotel Monte Carlo, where its main rooms had One of the best views of the sea, the pier, and guess what!? I had the greatest surprise that they welcomed me with open arms; Monica was waiting for me at the reception and heading to my room, which had a balcony with the best view of Monaco. “Sigh.” They also left me some love details … Champagne and Macarons to celebrate.

Yes !! I celebrate life and thank God for many good things coming into my life. My husband’s support with the children was essential to making the trip possible, and also, there, the hotel staff made me feel special. And so, if small things are given the value they have, they can make us very happy.

Influencer awards Monaco

As if that were not enough, the players of the Monaco soccer team were staying there and one of the soccer teams with the most power financially, speaking in the world, Your star player;) It’s falcon Colombianpatriot, and seeing him there making dreams come true gave me the boost I needed. Yes, this is the photo for the memory.

I felt good in the hotel, slept well, and had a great breakfast. I found an extraordinary buffet in the morning where there’s a saying in French that goes, “La gourmandize est un vilain défaut,” meaning “Greed is a bad thing.

The stay in Monaco did not last more than 12 hrs, including the time of the event, and we walked in whatever time we had left through the streets where the formula one runs; we visited the pier and the casino of Monaco …

To tell you a little about Monaco, it is the second smallest state in the world after the Vatican, it is also the country with the most millionaires in the world, and it is also known for being a tax haven, “meaning that their habitants do not pay taxes.

Monaco is located on the French Riviera and is ruled by the Prince of Monaco, Albert ||

And now I pass from Monaco to Niza in a two-by-three, since to get to Monaco the plane lands at the airport of this beautiful French city. What did we do?

Walk along the pier and old town, and take photos from the beach. A tip to get from Niza to Monaco if you decide to move on public transportation instead of Uber, I recommend that you do not take the bus that leaves the airport: the round trip ticket is for € 30, but the tickets for the local bus that’s a few steps from the airport are for € 1.70. Another option is GoEuro which is € 4 for a ticket.

We, beginners, paid € 30 for the round trip each, but we have the experience to share with you today #Nice.

Well, my dear readers, it has been a pleasure to share a bit of my world today with all of you. Thank you so much for following me on my social media and especially for being present in this adventure we call life. I re-confirm that I returned with a lot of energy.

Blessings and affections

Zol 💋

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