Emma Name Meaning and Origin

by Zol Larice
Emma name meaning and origin

Emma is a feminine name of Hebrew and Germanic origin, whose current trend is increasing. This feminine name is medieval in style.

The astrological sign associated with Emma is Scorpio. Below discover its meaning, Emma’s personality, Emma’s feast name day, fun facts about Emma’s name, and much more.

  • Gender: ♀
  • Emma’s Feast day: 19 April (Saint Emma of Saxony) or 3rd December
  • Associated astrological sign: Scorpio
  • Color: Orange
  • Emma’s Lucky number: 2
  • Gemstone: Topaz
  • Metal: Lead

What is the meaning of the name Emma?

Emma name meaning and origin

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The name Emma may be short for Emmanuelle. In Hebrew, immanu-el means “God is with us.” If we consider its Germanic origin, Emma, it means “whole” or “universal.”

Origin of the name Emma

It is derived from the Germanic name Imma, but it is also the diminutive of the Hebrew name Emmanuelle.

This short, Germanic, and Slavic choice name has become one of the leading names of the old continent.

Nothing seems to tarnish the brilliance of this feminine name in Scandinavian countries, Germany, the United States, and Canada, where Emma shines brightly.

In Great Britain, Emma’s name is trendy; perhaps the origin of this popularity is the famous novel by Jane Austen, where Emma is part.

This book appeared in the XVIII century when the popularity of this beautiful name was at its peak in aristocratic circles.

Nowadays, Emma is part of the Top 20 names for girls, but this name, forgotten for almost a century in France, made a strong comeback in the 1990s.

It dethroned the name Léa in 2005 and since then reigned as one of the favorite names for girls among French families for almost a decade before ceding its crown to the name Jade (in 2014).

This feminine name climbed to the third position on the Parisian’s podium in 2018 as a favorite name for girls in France and has remained there ever since.

In French-speaking countries, the triumph of the name Emma is already in place.

Parents in French-speaking Switzerland, Quebec, and Wallonia have embraced this name as a favorite for their future little girl.

Emma’s feast day

19 April or 3 December is Saint Emma’s feat day.
Saint Emma was a Christian woman who dedicated her life and fortune to helping the poor.

The Catholic Church also celebrates St. Emma on June 27. Emma of Gurk, who founded monasteries in Austria in the 11th century, is honored on this date. The faithful have been pilgrimages to her tomb for more than 300 years.

She died around 1045; St. Emma of Gurk was not canonized until 800 years after her death.

Emma name personality

EMMA Name personality

She is gifted with great determination and boldness that makes her stop at nothing; she has deep-rooted ideals and lives by traditional values such as home, love, and family.

Emma is curious; she always wants to know more. Therefore Emma likes to discover everything around her, she is always with a lot of energy, she is original, and she likes to seduce.

Also, Emma is very independent, and something to keep in mind: Don’t try to bother her!

She wants to fend for herself. Strong-willed and determined, she will put all her energy into the service of her goals. Emma is original and creative, and she is a true artist at heart.

Emma also gives great importance to her family; she devotes a lot of love and time to her loved ones.

Celebrities named Emma

Emma’s name has lately soared to the top of the popularity rankings since many well-known people share it. If you’re still not convinced about the name Emma, consider the following renowned Emmas:

Name Profession
Emma ThompsonBritish actress
Emma BoninoItalian politician and member of the Italian parliament
Emma StoneAmerican actress
Emma de CaunesActress
Emma OrczyHungarian-British novelist
Emma RobertsAmerican actress
Emma WatsonBritish actress. She played the iconic character of Hermione Granger in Harry Potter.
Emma DaumasFrench singer-songwriter and performer
Emma Liebel,French Singer
Emma BuntonArtistic
Emma GoldmanAnarchist political activist and writer
Emma, Lady HamiltonEnglish maid, model, dancer, and actress.
Emma of waldeck and pyrmontQueen consort of the Netherlands and Grand Duchess consort of Luxembourg
Emma DarwinWriter
Emma BoninoItalian politician, currently Senator for Rome

Emma’s first name has also inspired many songs, including Matmatah, Nicole Croisille, Glen Curtain, and even Têtes Raiders.

How popular is the name Emma

How popular is the name Emma? Emma has topped the list of most popular baby girl names for the fourth year, and here’s why. The Social Security Administration issued their list of the most common names given to newborns born in the United States in 2019, and Emma topped the list for the fifth year in a row till 2020, when it jumped to the 2ndo position in the rank list.

Over the centuries, Emma’s name has been widely used, for example, Emma, the queen of France and wife of William III of the Netherlands, Emma di Waldeck, and Pyrmont.

In the political field, we remember Emma Bonino. In contrast, in the literary area, Emma Bovary is the protagonist of a famous novel by Gustave Flaubert, “Madame Bovary,” and Emma Woodhouse is the protagonist of an equally renowned novel born from the hand of Jane. Austen, of the proper title “Emma.”

At the cinematographic level, we remember the film by Francesco Falaschi, “Emma sono io” (2003), and, also from the same year, “Alex & Emma” directed by Rob Reiner; but still, the actresses Emma Baron, Emma Gramatica, Emma Thompson, Emma Watson, and Emma Stone.

Musically, “Emma” is the title of a song by Satin Circus; Emma Marrone is an Italian singer-songwriter, while Emmy is the stage name of an Albanian singer.

Cute nicknames for the name Emma

Here are some short nicknames for Emma that are memorable and impossible to forget:

  • Emy
  • Mae
  • Emie
  • Emita
  • Emi
  • Amme
  • Emu
  • Emanu
  • Emmelyn

Middle names that go with Emma

Picking a middle name is one approach to reducing the number of possibilities on your shortlist.
Here are a whole bunch of middle name ideas that go with Emma.

Middle names that go with Emma. #EmmaName

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  • Emma Aaralyn
  • Emma Rayannah
  • Emma Adaleia
  • Emma Adela
  • Emma Bell
  • Emma Braxton
  • Emma Caisie
  • Emma Rene
  • Emma Carola
  • Emma Renatta
  • Emma Cessy
  • Emma Fabiana
  • Emma Fay
  • Emma Gael
  • Emma Blake
  • Emma Lane
  • Emma Abigail
  • Emma Hailey
  • Emma Blair
  • Emma Adele
  • Emma Telma
  • Emma Adlen
  • Emma Anabelle
  • Emma Rochelle
  • Emma Sabriel
  • Emma Safina
  • Emma Taliana
  • Emma Ansley
  • Emma Belina
  • Emma Geeta
  • Emma Shirley
  • Emma Gisele
  • Emma Tamaira
  • Emma Gracey
  • Emma Haley
  • Emma Idabelle
  • Emma Jackelyn
  • Emma Jasmyn
  • Emma Kamila
  • Emma Rainna
  • Emma Kanya
  • Emma Kyla
  • Emma Larina
  • Emma Mabelle
  • Emma Madeleine
  • Emma Nicola
  • Emma Nile
  • Emma Yadira
  • Emma Zafira
  • Emma Onyx
  • Emma Rachana
  • Emma Vallie
  • Emma Xavianna
  • Emma Claire
  • Emma Jane
  • Emma Nicole
  • Emma Scarlett
  • Emma Vienne
  • Emma Zoi


What does Emma mean in Hebrew?

Emma is an abbreviated name of Emmanuelle, from the Hebrew עִמָּנוּאֵל (imanou El), meaning “God is with us.”

What does Emma mean in greek?

Emma is a diminutive name form of the Greek name Εμμανουέλλα.

What does Emma mean in Chinese?

In Chinese, “Emma” is translated as 爱玛

What does Emma mean in Spanish?

In Spanish, Emma is equal to Emmanuela.

What does Emma mean in German?

The name Emma will be used in Germany as Hemma

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